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3 Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel


Imagine having a home that didn’t use any electricity. It’s possible, this much is true, but it would certainly eat up a lot of your time and money to replace the things that electricity provides to us. You’d have to use candles to see at night, hope that you’ll be able to stay cool in the summer, and find a way to keep your food cool for later use.

These and other things are all tasks and hassles we thankfully don’t have to deal with due to the fact that most modern homes have at least some electricity to use. To use that electricity safely though you need an electrical panel that is capable of handling all that power correctly.

If you have an electrical panel already (and there is a good chance that you do) there is a chance you are due for an upgrade. Here’s how to tell it’s time to get a new panel for your home.

What Your Electrical Panel Does

Your electrical panel is pretty important to your home. Without it using any electrical device could be a failed endeavor or downright dangerous. This panel serves as something akin to a switchboard by receiving electricity from the power company and sending it to different circuits to power the different appliances in your home.

Electrical panels have mostly replaced fuse boxes at this point as a safer, more effective system for power management.

How to Tell Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

First things first, if you somehow still have a fuse box, you absolutely need to upgrade to an electrical panel. With that said, if you already have a panel for your home, here’s how to tell that it needs to be upgraded.

  1. Signs of burning or melting on the panel: If your system has taken on physical damage from overheating, it is best to upgrade it before the situation worsens. Burnt or melted parts can be a precursor to an electrical fire.
  2. Frequently tripped circuits: You turn on the lights in one room and plug in your phone only to have the power for the whole room give out because it tripped the circuit. If this happens frequently, you likely need a panel that can better provide for your electrical needs.
  3. Your panel is old: If you’ve been having trouble with circuit trips and flickering lights it may be due to the fact that your electricity needs have increased and your panel is too old to handle it. If a panel is over 25-years-old or nearing the 40-year mark, it needs to be upgraded.

If you need an electrical panel upgrade, it is best to reach out to a licensed electrician in Hart County, GA to get the job done right. You can turn to the electricians at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc to get the services you need to keep your home operating efficiently and safely.

The members of our team work hard to ensure customer satisfaction with custom comfort solutions. Schedule an appointment with JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc today. Feel The Difference!

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