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5 Sounds Your AC Isn’t Supposed to Make


Hearing a noise and understanding it to be a sign of trouble is one of the most primal ways that we detect danger. For example, if you hear an alarm in your building it lets you know that there may be a fire or some other threat to your well-being nearby. In a similar vein, hearing strange noises from your air conditioner alerts you to the fact that something is wrong with your system.

In some cases hearing strange sounds from your AC can help you catch a need for AC repair in Toccoa, GA early on, before major damage is done. Keep your ears peeled for concerning AC noises so you can contact us for service before you have a bigger problem on your hands.

5 Noises Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Make

That’s right there is more than one sound that your air conditioner can produce that will be a warning of trouble ahead. Don’t ignore any of these noises! If you hear these sounds make sure to contact a professional for help.

  • Hissing: Don’t mistake hissing for the regular whoosh of air that you expect to hear from your air conditioner. Hissing is a sound of major trouble. At the least, it is going to indicate that the air filter in your system is overly clogged and needs to be changed out. At the worst, this is a sign that you have a leak in your refrigerant line.
  • Bubbling: Bubbling is going to be an indicator of one major problem and that is a refrigerant leak. If you hear bubbling it means that there is a leak in the refrigerant line that is allowing air into the part of the line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form.
  • Screeching: Does it sound like your air conditioner is screaming at you? Don’t worry your system is not alive but you do have a problem to deal with. Screeching is going to be caused by issues such as a fan blade coming loose and scraping around its housing or a blower motor belt that needs lubrication.
  • Rattling: This is one of those sounds that is letting you know that things will get worse if you don’t take care of it. Rattling is created when different parts in your air conditioner have started to come loose and are shaking within their housing.
  • Clanking: Clanking is what follows a rattling noise when it is ignored. That loose part is not going to fix itself. Instead, it is going to eventually break free and start bouncing around within your air conditioner where it can cause a lot more damage.

Has your air conditioner started to make some new noises? Don’t write them off! As we demonstrated in this blog, new and concerning noises are not something to ignore. Instead, they are definite indicators that you need to reach out to a professional for expert service in the near future. The sooner you schedule an AC repair the better off your system will be.

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