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Duct Services in Hart County, GA

Do you need air duct services? Too many homeowners in Hart County, GA expect their ducts to be taken care of by an amateur or a family member with a roll of duct tape. Contrary to popular belief, duct tape won’t fix your ducts at all. Only trained professionals with the right tools and materials can do that.

Here at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc we pride ourselves on excellence in the field of HVAC. Air ducts are just as important a part of your comfort as your air conditioner or heater might be. Our company specializes in designing, engineering, and installing comfort systems—which means your ducts need to be able to handle those systems. Call us today for expert duct services.

Feel the difference with the best team in the Hart County area. Call us today!

Air Duct Testing

We need to begin assessing the quality of your air ducts with air duct testing services. This begins by scheduling an appointment with our trained professionals. They utilize equipment that can measure the tight seal of your ducts. We can detect how much air is escaping through gaps, tears, and holes in your air ducts. Once we have detected these leaks, we can get to work.

Only through air duct testing can you truly begin to understand how much energy you’re wasting. When your air conditioner or heater is effectively cooling or heating air, it’s disappointing when that conditioned air escapes out of your ducts. Up to 30 percent of your conditioned air can escape through leaky ducts. This is a serious problem that should be tested by the pros! Call our Hart County, GA specialists today!

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts aren’t just supposed to bring cooled or heated air into your home. They’re supposed to do this without making you cough or sneeze! If you’re noticing a problem with your indoor air quality, have our Hart County, GA specialists clean them. We use specialized equipment that can fit into air ducts without damaging them, and we do a thorough job of removing pollutants built up on your ducts’ surfaces.

Homeowners often think that as long as their air ducts are "working," then they don’t need to be clean. Does your bathtub need to be cleaned? How about your closet? It might not see the light of day much, but cleaner home appliances always make us feel better. Clean ducts allow you to breathe easier and reduce the contaminants in your indoor air. Call us for air duct cleaning services today.

Air Duct Sealing

What happens when we test your air ducts and mention that you’ve got some tears, holes, or gaps? Do you just give up? Do you hire an amateur to have them fixed without actually getting the results you need? Absolutely not. You call the Hart County, GA air duct professionals for air duct sealing services.

Not only can we seal your ducts with high-tech equipment and materials that are safe, but we can also replace them. Some ducts are just in such bad shape that they need to go. We provide air duct replacement, a service that not every HVAC contractor has the expertise to provide. Let us address all the problems in your air ducts with our own unique touch of excellence. Feel the difference, call us today.

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