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How Can You Tell Your Home’s Ducts Need Testing?

Monday, February 26th, 2024

The ductwork inside the walls and in the attic of your home is one of the more difficult parts of the home to take care of. It’s tricky for you to access, and it’s also hard for you to tell when it’s damaged or decaying. The best way to determine if you need to schedule professional duct services in Hart County to repair your ducts is to schedule professional duct testing. But that leads to the question of how you know you need duct testing in the first place.

Even if you can’t see most of the ducts in your house, there are signs to watch for that will warn you the ducts have breaches, holes, or gapping. We’ll go over several of the ways you can tell that it’s time to have the ducts tested so you’ll know what repairs they need.

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How Leaky Ducts Create Troubles in Your Home

Monday, January 15th, 2024

How often do you think about your home’s ductwork? We’d guess not often. After all, your house is designed to hide the ductwork in walls and up in the attic. When you don’t see something, it often slips your mind.

But your ducts deserve some occasional thought because if something goes wrong with them, they’ll have an immense negative impact on your house. Duct leakage is a common problem, and it does more damage than you might realize.

We offer a range of duct services in Hart County, including duct testing to locate leakage and duct sealing to solve it. You need to know why leaky ducts are such a problem and why you’ll need the assistance of our professionals to repair them.

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