Don’t Let Your Energy Bills Scare You

October 25th, 2021

Grabbing the mail at the end of the month shouldn’t be something you are scared to do. Likewise, checking your email shouldn’t be a stressful experience either. However, if your energy bills have been out of control recently, you may be more hesitant than usual to see if you’ve got mail–especially if you are looking at the bill for a commercial space.

What if we told you that the utility bill for your commercial space shouldn’t be that out there? While keeping a larger storefront or office comfortable does cost more than cooling a home, it shouldn’t be so high that you have to choose between staying cool and keeping the lights on.

Let’s dive in to discuss what might be bugging your commercial HVAC in Carnesville, GA and how we can help address the problem and wrangle those energy bills back down.

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Take Advantage of Our Indoor Air Quality Test Bundle

October 13th, 2021

Did you know that EPA reports that air in our homes can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than outside air ‐ and that indoor air pollution is a serious problem?

As if the dust & particle pollution that we can see isn’t bad enough… the EPA also found that pollution that is caused by chemicals in common household materials, from cleaning products, carpet, and air fresheners to construction materials like glues, particleboard, can have a negative impact on our health!

The EPA has known about this for decades, but it doesn’t regulate indoor air. It’s up to each of us to investigate the air quality in our homes for ourselves.

We’ve bundled a 6‐Point Air Quality Test of the air in your home (usually $87) for no added charge when you schedule your heating system maintenance at the regular price. The test will help expose health or comfort concerns related to particles, chemicals, Carbon Dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, and Carbon Monoxide.

Thie bundle will allow your to take care of your home’s heating needs and your health, all at once.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment now and take advantage of this incredible bundle deal.

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4 Ways An Air Purifier Helps Your Home

October 11th, 2021

There is nothing quite so pleasant as the first early morning stretch when you wake up. And there is nothing that can ruin it so easily as when you take a deep breath and smell the dinner you made two nights ago.

If this sounds like a familiar problem that you have been battling in your home, it means you may need help with your indoor air quality.

Having poor air quality doesn’t just translate to having a dusty home. There are plenty of other issues that can arise from this. Thankfully, there are systems that can help combat these problems. The solution that we want to focus on today is the air purifier in Carnesville, GA.

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Is Your Water Heater Hurting? 3 Signs You Need Repairs

September 27th, 2021

Encountering hot water trouble is never fun. Suddenly have to start figuring out where else you could take a shower before you go to work or how you can keep your dishes as clean as possible without the use of hot water. The loss of the system canned mess up your schedule and your daily life for quite a while– at least until your system gets fixed. 

Ultimately you want to discover any issues that your water heater has before it causes the system to completely lose the ability to produce hot water. That is tough however if you don’t know what to look for. 

We want you to be comfortable in your home. This is why we not only offer water heater repair in Hart County, GA but also will provide you with the warning signs to look for that indicate when you need to reach out for repairs.

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5 Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel

September 13th, 2021

There are some parts of your electrical system that you can upgrade or adjust yourself. For example, changing your lightbulbs in certain lamps around the house–this is an easy one! There are other parts of this system though that should be best left to the professionals such as wiring or upgrading your electrical panel.

Speaking of your electrical panel, how is yours holding up? Do you know how old it is? Is it giving you trouble? If you are starting to have issues with the flow of electricity in your home, you may want to call an electrician in Hart County, GA to see if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded.

Here is how to tell if you need to make that call.

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Humidity, Heat, and Your Home Comfort

August 16th, 2021

“It’s not the heat it’s the humidity”

Ever heard that phrase? Well, it may sound like just another complaint about the weather but it is actually a pretty astute observation. High humidity levels can do a lot to undermine your comfort, even with great temperature control.

Humidity levels between 30% to 50% are best for optimal comfort. But Mother Nature likes to kick things up a notch around here during summer. And, try as you might, some of that extra airborne moisture will get into your house. How can you combat high humidity levels and why do they make you so uncomfortable? We can answer these questions and more.

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We Can Help Keep Your Commercial Space Comfortable

August 2nd, 2021

Have you ever walked in a restaurant that was so hot it ruined your appetite? Or perhaps you’ve had to deal with being in an office space that was uncomfortable and ruined your ability to concentrate the entire day. When you have an uncomfortable commercial space there are consequences beyond the complaints of your clients and employees. If your business becomes too hot and humid if you genuinely interrupt everything you have going on.

It is vital to have a reliable commercial air conditioner on your side. What’s more, it is vital to have a resource for the services you need to keep your commercial HVAC in Elbert County, GA in optimal condition. A professional technician on our team can be that resource for you, helping ensure your space is cool all summer long.

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4 Things You Should Call an Electrician For

July 19th, 2021

Are you facing electrical issues at home? Are you thinking of trying to resolve the problem yourself? You might have sufficient knowledge to handle minor electrical issues at home, but most people don’t have the necessary experience. If you are not sure whether you should call an electrician in Elbert County, GA, to come and fix an issue at home, you are not alone.

Electrical problems require expert professionals to handle them because they involve dangerous work. Professionals have years of experience, training, and the right tools for the job to make sure they do things safely and resolve problems the first time around.

Calling an electrician can be the best decision to protect your family, health, and home. If you’re not sure when to call a professional electrician, this post will help you out. We will discuss some of the things that you should always, always call an electrician for.

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When You Should Call For Professional AC Repairs

July 5th, 2021

There is nothing worse than to discover that your air conditioner has broken down on a swelteringly hot day. Suddenly, you may be looking at the potential for going without any cool air for anywhere from hours to days or more.

There is a way to prevent this kind of trouble. If your air conditioner needs an AC repair in Elbert County, GA, make sure to schedule those services as soon as you can. After all, the sooner you get this service done the lower the chance that you will run into a breakdown at an inconvenient time.

But let’s be clear: this means having a professional perform those AC repairs. There are some small things you can do to help your AC but the majority is best left to the experts.

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7 Interesting Facts About Your Electrical System

June 21st, 2021

We love learning new things and we love sharing what we know. That’s why we have some of the most well-informed experts on our team to provide you with your home system services. With that said, we want to share a few interesting things that you might not know about your electrical system.

Why? Well, because the more you understand about electricity and your electrical system the more likely you are to understand when it needs the help of an electrician in Toccoa, GA. And also, we just enjoy sharing interesting facts!

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