Is a Smart Thermostat a Good Upgrade?

April 8th, 2024

In today’s age of technological advancements, smart devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in our homes, offering convenience, efficiency, and savings. One such device that is gaining popularity among homeowners is the smart thermostat. But what exactly makes a smart thermostat a worthwhile upgrade?

Let’s delve into 5 reasons why investing in a smart thermostat in Hart County, GA. is a smart upgrade for every homeowner.

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Is a Heat Pump a Great Investment?

March 25th, 2024

As the world moves towards more sustainable energy solutions, the spotlight on heat pumps is brighter than ever. These innovative devices offer both heating and cooling functionalities while significantly reducing carbon footprints.

However, are heat pumps truly a great investment? In this article, we will delve into the factors to consider when evaluating the investment value of heat pumps and the suitability of heat pump installation in Madison County, Georgia.

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Do I Need to Run My Air Purifier All Day?

March 11th, 2024

Warmer weather is just around the corner in Madison County and humidity control and indoor air quality will be a concern. Sources of outdoor air pollution include fires, cars, and power plants. Ozone levels are higher during the warmer months when sunlight is more prevalent.

Indoor air pollution can be caused by cooking, cleaning byproducts, and mold. Both indoor contaminants and outdoor air pollution contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in a home. If you would like to remove or destroy airborne pollutants indoors, running an air purifier will diminish contaminant levels.

Whether you need to run your air purifier all day depends on various factors including your indoor air quality, the type of air purifier you have, your specific health concerns, and your energy consumption considerations. Let’s examine the key points to consider.

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How Can You Tell Your Home’s Ducts Need Testing?

February 26th, 2024

The ductwork inside the walls and in the attic of your home is one of the more difficult parts of the home to take care of. It’s tricky for you to access, and it’s also hard for you to tell when it’s damaged or decaying. The best way to determine if you need to schedule professional duct services in Hart County to repair your ducts is to schedule professional duct testing. But that leads to the question of how you know you need duct testing in the first place.

Even if you can’t see most of the ducts in your house, there are signs to watch for that will warn you the ducts have breaches, holes, or gapping. We’ll go over several of the ways you can tell that it’s time to have the ducts tested so you’ll know what repairs they need.

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Does My AC Control Humidity As Well?

February 12th, 2024

Comfort in a home is about more than just the correct temperature. The correct humidity balance is also crucial. Air that’s too dry or air that’s too humid makes it more difficult for people to feel comfortable. High humidity is specifically a problem in hot weather since the moisture levels make it harder for the human body to release heat and naturally cool off.

You have an air conditioning system in your house to help lower the temperature during the heat. Does the AC also contribute to controlling the humidity? We’re going to look into this in greater detail and offer our recommendations for humidity control in Madison County.

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How Leaky Ducts Create Troubles in Your Home

January 15th, 2024

How often do you think about your home’s ductwork? We’d guess not often. After all, your house is designed to hide the ductwork in walls and up in the attic. When you don’t see something, it often slips your mind.

But your ducts deserve some occasional thought because if something goes wrong with them, they’ll have an immense negative impact on your house. Duct leakage is a common problem, and it does more damage than you might realize.

We offer a range of duct services in Hart County, including duct testing to locate leakage and duct sealing to solve it. You need to know why leaky ducts are such a problem and why you’ll need the assistance of our professionals to repair them.

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Why Your Water Heater Is Running Out of Hot Water Too Quickly

January 1st, 2024

When you have a water heater installed, you want it to be able to meet your daily hot water demands without running out of hot water too soon. But now you’re encountering a problem: your water heater isn’t meeting expectations. You may have noticed this during the mornings, when people in the household have started to go with lukewarm or even cold showers. 

Why is your water heater running out of its hot water supply so quickly? There are several possible sources for this problem, and we’re going to examine them. You can rely on our team for water heater repair in Franklin County, and we have 24-hour emergency service available.

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Don’t Delay When You Think You Need Furnace Repair! Here’s Why…

December 18th, 2023

The furnace in a home isn’t as attractive as a warm crackling fireplace during the winter nights—but it’s critical for your family getting through the winter season in comfort. You need to pay close attention to anything that might be wrong with your furnace and act quickly to have it fixed. You may even need to call for emergency furnace repair in Franklin County from our technicians. We’re proud to offer 24-hour furnace service for our club members.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need to rush for those repairs if the furnace problem doesn’t seem that bad. We’re here to change your mind. Prompt furnace repairs are extremely important because the consequences can be … we’ll, let’s get into the details.

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Why Your Heat Pump Won’t Heat

December 4th, 2023

Heat pumps offer many benefits to homeowners, but the biggest one is their combination of heating and cooling functions in one unit. When the colder weather of winter comes around, all it takes to change a heat pump into heating mode is an adjustment on the thermostat.

But heat pumps can malfunction, just like any other machine, and you might find yourself in a situation where your heat pump isn’t doing the “heat” half of its job. This is frustrating during the winter, but it’s often something you can fix either through basic troubleshooting or by calling JN Electrical Temperature Control for heat pump repair in Hart County.

In this post, we’ll examine several common reasons why you may have a heat pump that won’t heat and what you can do about it.

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Watch for These Signs of Urgent Problems With Your Furnace

November 20th, 2023

When you have a well-maintained furnace, either gas or electric, in your home, you won’t have to worry about how cold it gets outdoors during the winter months. But even with the best maintenance, furnaces can run into malfunctions—and sometimes these are urgent problems that require calling for 24-hour furnace repair in Madison County

Handling urgent furnace problems so our customers can get back to enjoying their homes in winter is one of the reasons we have 24-hour service available. To help you know when you need our fast assistance, we’ll take a look at signs of major furnace problems to watch for.

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