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5 Reasons You Should Start the New Year With a New Heater

Did you make resolutions to start off the new year? Chances are that you did! Whether you are looking to spend more time being active or looking to read some extra books this year, we’d suggest adding one more resolution to your list. Resolve to enjoy better home comfort!

We know this may seem easier said than done. However, with our help, improving your comfort level is as easy as, well, scheduling an appointment! This is because you can count on us to take care of upgrading your heating in Madison County, GA

Should I Upgrade My Heater?

If you aren’t sure whether you need to schedule a replacement of your heating system now or later, we can help. If you notice the following symptoms it is best to get the system upgraded ASAP:

  • Your heater is over 10 years old or over 15 years old
  • The heater needs frequent repairs–about once a year
  • Your heating repair bills are too high–half the price of a new heater is too high
  • The system is no longer able to produce viable heat
  • The energy bills for the system are getting higher no matter what you do
  • Your heater consistently short cycles

Why Should I Upgrade Now?

Do the above warning signs sound familiar? If so, it is worthwhile to get a professional technician to check the system for confirmation and then start preparing for a system replacement. There is no point in trying to keep your heater running when it really needs to retire. And besides that, there are benefits that come with upgrading your heater. These benefits include the following:

  1. Fewer repair needs: With a new heater in place, you’ll enjoy fewer repair needs. This means that instead of needing repairs each year, you can expect to enjoy repair needs every few years again, if that.
  2. Lower energy bills: A new heater is going to use far lower energy bills too because it will be able to operate more efficiently than your old system. Even if your current heater stills produces heat, it won’t be able to match the efficiency of a newer system.
  3. Better home comfort: You will, of course, enjoy improved home comfort with an upgraded heater too. New systems will operate at the best level of effectiveness which an old system can’t keep up with.
  4. Increased savings: When you have to spend less on repair bills and less on energy bills you’ll be saving a lot more money in the long run. A replacement is a large investment but it pays you back!
  5. Better safety: Modern heaters are made to operate safely. However, as they age, those safety measures can weaken. It is best to upgrade because a new heater will be optimally safe as well as effective.

Getting a heating system replacement is no small task. That is why it is best left to the professionals. We employ the experts you can rely on to get the job done so you can enjoy the best level of comfort possible.

Feel The Difference! Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc to get your appointment scheduled.

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