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Why Invest in Surge Protection


If the power goes out for your home, you have a good number of problems on your hands to deal with. Thankfully, the power shouldn’t be out for too long in most cases and you’ll get back to normal once the lights come back on.

The issue with this is that a power outage can leave behind some nasty damage in your home. This is because electrical problems like this can lead to power surges and those surges can easily damage or completely destroy the electrical components of some major appliances in your home.

This is why a surge protector is a great idea for any home. You can talk to an electrician in Madison County, GA about how and why surge protection is a worthwhile investment. Get some of the details you need below!

What Causes Power Surges

Did you know that power surges aren’t just created by outages?

A power surge happens anytime the flow of electricity to one or more systems in your house is cut off. So when you unplug a charger, that creates a small power surge as electricity is rerouted back into the rest of the system.

Small surges can take their toll on your appliances over time but it usually takes years of small surges to have any larger impact on your system. But what about large power surges?

Large power surges have the ability to throw off the better part of your electrical system. Caused by surges from the electricity supplier themselves, lighting strikes, or, as mentioned before, power outages, a large power surge can create enough energy to fry one or more appliances in your home.

Why a Surge Protector Is a Great Investment

Now that you know what creates power surges and why they can be a problem, you’re likely wondering how you can protect yourself against them. The best way to protect yourself and your home is through the installation of a surge protector

Surge Protector or Power Strip?

Let’s get one thing straight now. Surge protectors and power strips are not one and the same. A power strip is able to offer more outlets for use but not necessarily protection against power surges. In fact, in the event of a power surge, a power strip is likely to melt and cause a safety hazard!

Surge protectors on the other hand are installed within your electrical panel. Here they can redirect that excess energy and protect your system and the many electrical appliances in your home.

Can I Install It Myself?

In short, no. We say it bluntly because handling your electrical system without the appropriate training and licensure is both dangerous and illegal. If you want to install a surge protector in your home, it is best to work with a professional electrician like the ones at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc.

If you are looking to add some extra protection to your electrical system, then reach out to us. Feel The Difference when you schedule an appointment with JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc.

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