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Ever Heard of a Heat Pump?

When you hear the word “heat pump” your brain might just to the conclusion that this is a system that only produces heat. You’re only half right if you think this because heat pumps are able to produce cool air too.

If you haven’t heard of heat pumps before, we would love to be the ones to tell you more about them. Why? Because they are fantastic comfort systems that may be exactly what you need to get you through the sweltering summer temperatures we encounter here in Hart County.

What’s more, if you think a heat pump is the best fit for your home comfort needs, we can be your go-to resource for installation and other heat pump services that will help keep your home livable.

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are comfort systems that use refrigerant to transfer heat, much like a central air conditioner would. The key difference here is that heat pumps can reverse their flow of refrigerant which allows them to cool your home in the summer and warm it in the winter. These are energy efficient systems that use up to four air handlers to provide temperature-controlled air throughout your home according to your needs.

The Perks of Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are great systems to keep your home environment exactly where you want it. Here are some of the best benefits you’ll enjoy if you choose to add a heat pump to your home.

  • Energy efficiency: Heat pumps are known for being highly energy efficient. They can provide almost a 1:1 ratio of comfort provided for energy used. This is great for your home comfort and your energy costs.
  • Customized comfort: Heat pumps use air handlers to pump temperature-controlled air into your home. You can run one air handler at a time to save on cooling costs or you can run them all together to provide even comfort.
  • Quiet operation: A heat pump system can run much more quietly than a central air conditioner would, in fact, they can run without creating any noise at all.
  • Year-round enjoyment: As we mentioned before, a heat pump can reverse its flow of refrigerant to allow it to provide both heating and cooling comfort. This makes it a great option for providing comfort to your home all year long.
  • Ducted or ductless: A heat pump can be connected to the ductwork in your house or they can be run without the use of any ducts at all. That makes them a great option for older and smaller homes that can’t accommodate ducts.

Let Us Handle the Installation

If you are hoping to install a heat pump to provide year round comfort to your home, the professionals at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc can help. Let us handle your heat pump installation, repairs, and any other services you might need.

Our team works hard to ensure customer satisfaction with custom comfort solutions. Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc. to schedule your next service with our pros.

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