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4 Things That Cause Frequent Circuit Trips


You go to plug in your phone and the circuit trips. You start using your hairdryer and a circuit trips. Your heater turns on and the circuit trips. These are all frustrating situations that have one common cause: something is up with your electrical system.

Circuit trips happen. Occasional trips are going to be a safety measure that protects both your electrical system and you. However, if you can barely do anything without tripping a circuit, then you probably have a problem on your hands.

Our team is proud to provide electrical services in Hart County, GA including being able to get to the root of what is causing those frequent circuit trips.

4 Common Causes of Frequently Tripped Circuits

Knowing what to look for can help you figure out when it is time to get expert service. Here are some details about the common reasons behind frequent circuit trips.

  1. An older electrical panel: Your electrical panel may simply be too old to provide what you need from it. Older electrical panels cannot provide the electrical capacity that newer ones can. What’s more, these systems are more likely to have frequently tripped circuits. Make sure to talk to a professional electrician about getting your panel upgraded to solve the issue.
  2. Too much demand on one circuit: Adding a power strip to a room of your home is not going to make a circuit able to provide extra energy. Instead, it can actually make it more likely to trip the circuit because it is being overloaded. If you notice this problem when you try to use multiple high-power items attached to a power strip, it may be a good idea to reduce your use a bit.
  3. Overheating systems: You may also have a system that is experiencing problems that lead to a circuit trip. If your system is encountering issues like overheating, safety measures in your electrical system may be triggered which will cause the circuit to trip. This can usually be solved with professional repairs to whatever system is overheating.
  4. There is a fire risk: If you have older wires that are fraying or faulty wiring that was done improperly, it may cause electrical arcs that increase the risk of an electrical fire. Thankfully, if this becomes an issue, your circuit will trip to cut off power to those trouble spots and keep you safe until you can get things fixed.

Circuit trips are bothersome, especially if it means you end up in an uncomfortable house or you are without the use of bigger more important systems for a while. However, it is important to remember that those trips are keeping you safe. Frequent circuit trips are absolutely worth a call to an electrician. You may have an issue that could worsen if you just try to press forward. Keep your home safe and powered properly with the help of one of our experts.

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