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Come to Us For Ductless AC Installation


Years ago, if you had no ducts in your home, you were out of luck in terms of having reliable cooling in your home. Yes, you could get by with window air conditioners and fans but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective as a whole-house AC system is.

Today, thankfully, technology has evolved a lot and now you have the option to choose a ductless air conditioner for your home. These systems, as you may have guessed, don’t need ducts to operate! Read on to learn more about the benefits you can enjoy when you choose a ductless system for your home and then come to JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc for your AC installation in Hartwell, GA.

How a Ductless System Does What It Does

It can feel odd to talk about an air conditioner that doesn’t use ductwork to get the job done. It is almost as strange as talking about tankless water heaters.

Both of these systems are great at what they do though even if they seem counterintuitive.

A ductless system uses multiple indoor air handlers that are connected to an outdoor unit with a refrigerant line and condensate line. This allows your system to operate effectively and effectively without any need for ductwork!

The Perks of a Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioners are going to offer some great perks to those who have them installed in their home. Benefits will include:

  • Year-round comfort: Ductless systems are a type of heat pump. This means that they are able to reverse their flow of refrigerant to pull heat into the home as well as pull heat out. With one ductless system, you can enjoy year-round comfort.
  • Better indoor air quality: Because ductless ACs don’t use ducts, this means you won’t have to worry about any of the air quality problems that can result from dirty or leaky ductwork.
  • Easy zone control: Each of the ductless system’s air handlers can be run individually. This allows you to enjoy easy zone control as you can have one room or area of the home cooled and leave others untouched. This helps you save money too!
  • Incredible energy efficiency: Ductless systems will never lose conditioned air through duct leaks and they can be run individually to save energy. What’s more, they don’t need gas to heat the home so they offer great savings in wintertime too.

Yes, Even Ductless AC Require Professional Installation

There is a misconception some people have that a ductless system doesn’t need professional service because it isn’t attached to ductwork. This isn’t true!

Ductless systems require expert service for installation, maintenance, and repairs. Trying to DIY any of these tasks will more often than not lead to the need for an early replacement. Make sure to get in touch with professionals you can trust to get your ductless AC started on the right foot this summer.

Feel The Difference. Contact the experts at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc to schedule your appointment today.

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