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Take Advantage of Our Indoor Air Quality Test Bundle

Did you know that EPA reports that air in our homes can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than outside air ‐ and that indoor air pollution is a serious problem?

As if the dust & particle pollution that we can see isn’t bad enough… the EPA also found that pollution that is caused by chemicals in common household materials, from cleaning products, carpet, and air fresheners to construction materials like glues, particleboard, can have a negative impact on our health!

The EPA has known about this for decades, but it doesn’t regulate indoor air. It’s up to each of us to investigate the air quality in our homes for ourselves.

We’ve bundled a 6‐Point Air Quality Test of the air in your home (usually $87) for no added charge when you schedule your heating system maintenance at the regular price. The test will help expose health or comfort concerns related to particles, chemicals, Carbon Dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, and Carbon Monoxide.

Thie bundle will allow your to take care of your home’s heating needs and your health, all at once.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment now and take advantage of this incredible bundle deal.

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