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Do You Need a New Heater? These 4 Signs Will Tell!

The most common question we hear from our customers right before winter is about to hit is, “Do I need a new heater?” Many people can’t tell if their heater needs repairing or replacement, and they end up making the wrong decision which impacts the functionality of the heating system.

What if you weren’t one of those customers this year though, and now that we’re near the end of the season, you’re questioning where your heater stands now?

In this blog, we will share 4 signs you need a new heater so you can find your replacement and so that you don’t need to worry about heater functionatlity next fall.

1. Uneven Heating

One very common complaint that we hear is that homeowners are not able to heat their homes evenly. They experience a noticeable difference in temperature in different parts of the house. Uneven heating is usually an indicator that your furnace has gotten old or outdated.

Older and outdated furnaces and duct systems are unable to distribute heat evenly throughout the house. If you start to notice that some rooms are colder than others when the heater is on, it may be time for a replacement.

2. Increased Energy Bills

If you start to notice that your energy bills are increasing rapidly during the months your heater is on, it might be time for you to start looking for a replacement. Older heating systems need to work twice as hard as new heaters to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

This means that they use more energy over time which can cause your bills to shoot up. If you want to see an improvement in your energy bills, your best choice is to call for a replacement for heating in Lavonia, GA.

3. Frequent Repairs

Do you find yourself always calling for repairs? Do you feel as if another thing breaks when you get one thing fixed? This happens very often with older heating systems. Just like your car, your heating system also starts to deteriorate with age and needs more and more repairs to keep it running smoothly.

If you are confused about getting a replacement, you need to look at the average cost of repairs vs. replacing the system. If you notice that the cost of repairs is around 50% of the replacement costs, replacing the system definitely makes more sense.

4. Loud Noises from the Furnace

One of the biggest signs you need a new heater is the loud and weird noise coming from your furnace. You should pay attention to how loud the sound is and the types of sounds you are hearing. While some noise is normal, other sounds may indicate something is very wrong with your furnace.

If you hear banging, popping, humming, or screeching sounds, these indicate that your heating system needs repair. It’s best to call your technician immediately. They will diagnose the issue and determine whether your heater needs repairing or replacing.

The minute you witness any of these signs you need a new heater; get in touch with JN Electrical! We have the perfect team of trained and experienced technicians that can inspect your heating system and suggest replacement options. Call us at 706-403-2567 today and Feel the Difference!

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