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Rattling and Other Sounds an AC Shouldn’t Make


You know what noises are normal for your car and which aren’t. You know how to tell when something sounds wrong with other mechanical things that you use on a regular basis, like your microwave or computer. Being able to pick up on when things sound “wrong” is an instinct that can help to keep you safe and can also help keep your home and your possessions in good condition.

So why do we bring up odd noises? Because odd noises are an indicator of trouble for your AC too. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the noises you do and don’t want to hear from your cooling system. That way you can get AC repair in Stephens County, GA quickly when it’s needed.

What Noises Are Normal From Your Air Conditioner?

Why do we point these out? Because knowing what you should hear from your air conditioner can make it far easier to figure out when the system is creating a noise that it should not make.

  • Whooshing air: This is the very best sound to hear from your air conditioner. When your system is running correctly, it should cool air easily and send it through your vents and throughout your home with a steady whoosh.
  • A click on start-up: You go to adjust the temperature on the thermostat and start up the air conditioner. You hear a signal click and then your air conditioner starts to run. That single click is your system getting its instructions and turning on.
  • The sound of a running motor: When you go outside, do you hear the sound of your compressor running steadily? This should be a noise that is normal to hear, without interruptions, until your system shuts down at the end of its cooling cycle.

What AC Noises Should Concern You

If and when you hear any of these noises, the best course of action to take will be to call on a professional technician to assess and repair your system.

  • Rattling: Hearing a rattling noise from your AC will be a sign that you should get a technician to your home sooner than later. Addressing a rattling noise quickly can mean the difference between needing maintenance versus a repair since you are hearing parts that are starting to come loose.
  • Screeching: ANother sound that should concern you is “screeching” or “screaming.” This obnoxious noise is usually created when metal scrapes against metal such as when you have a dry blower motor belt. We strongly advise getting this sound fixed quickly.
  • Clanging: ANother noise to be on the alert for is clanging. This is usually created when a part comes free and ends up bouncing and banging around in the system.
  • Hissing: One more noise that you should keep your ears alert for is the sound of hissing. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a good sound. What you are likely hearing is refrigerant escaping through a leak!

Keep your ears peeled and make sure to give us a ring when you hear trouble from your AC.

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