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How to Tell You Need AC Repairs


The weather in Georgia requires that you have an effective air conditioner. between the high heat and humidity that we encounter here, if you want to stay comfortable, anything less simply isn’t an option. To maintain a cool and comfortable home though, you will need to keep your system working, and to do that you need to get your AC repairs in Hart County taken care of quickly.

JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc can offer the repair services you need. This means that when you contact us you will enjoy timely and effective repairs that get your air conditioner working again so you can maintain a comfortable home.

Know What Warning Signs to Look For

It is one thing to know that your air conditioner needs repairs to operate effectively. It is another thing to know when you need to schedule your repair services. Be on the lookout for these different warning signs that indicate your system needs to be repaired:

  • Loud and concerning noises: Your air conditioner may not operate silently. but there are still sounds that you definitely shouldn’t hear from your system. Noises such as continuous clicking, rattling, buzzing, screeching, or hissing can all be warning signs of trouble.
  • Reduced airflow: The air that comes from your AC should be strong and steady. If, however, your system is only producing a small, weak flow of cool air, it means that something is causing problems.
  • Warm or hot air: Your air conditioner should be able to provide reliable cool air throughout your home. However, if you are only receiving warm or even hot air from your vents, it could be a sign of a serious issue in your AC such as a refrigerant leak.
  • Short cycling: Your cooling cycle should last around 15 minutes in length. If instead, your system is stopping its cooling cycle early only to start back up again a couple of minutes later, it means it is short cycling, which is harmful to your system and your comfort.
  • High energy bills: If your AC is providing cool air but the energy bills you receive are making you question whether or not you should really bother trying to enjoy comfort during summer, it is a sign that your system is struggling with an issue impacting its efficiency.

Professional Repairs You Can Trust

If your air conditioner is in need of a repair service, you should only trust a professional to get the job done. Only a trained professional technician is going to be able to fix the problem that is hindering your comfort without risking further trouble.

When you opt for a DIY repair or amateur service, it puts your system at risk of additional issues. Similarly, it can put the amatuer at risk of sustaining and injury!

The team at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc works hard to ensure we provide custom comfort solutions to all of our customers. You can trust us to provide the repair work you need.

Feel The Difference: Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc to schedule your AC repairs.

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