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Do I Need to Run My Air Purifier All Day?

Warmer weather is just around the corner in Madison County and humidity control and indoor air quality will be a concern. Sources of outdoor air pollution include fires, cars, and power plants. Ozone levels are higher during the warmer months when sunlight is more prevalent.

Indoor air pollution can be caused by cooking, cleaning byproducts, and mold. Both indoor contaminants and outdoor air pollution contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in a home. If you would like to remove or destroy airborne pollutants indoors, running an air purifier will diminish contaminant levels.

Whether you need to run your air purifier all day depends on various factors including your indoor air quality, the type of air purifier you have, your specific health concerns, and your energy consumption considerations. Let’s examine the key points to consider.

Points to Consider

Indoor Air Quality: If you live in an area with high pollution levels or have indoor air quality issues such as dust, pet dander, pollen, or other allergens, running your air purifier continuously may be beneficial.

Health Concerns: If you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, running the air purifier all day can help to keep the air clean and reduce your symptoms.

Type of Air Purifier: Some air purifiers are designed to run continuously, while others have specific settings for different modes of operation. Types of air purifiers are:

  • Air filtration systems. Filters prevent dust, dander, and other detrimental particles from entering your home’s air.
  • UV air purifiers. These systems employ ultraviolet radiation to remove nasty germs and other biological pollutants.
  • Electronic air purifiers. Electronic air purifiers ionize pollutants in the air and collect them for cleanup.

Energy Consumption: Running an air purifier continuously can increase your electricity bill. Consider the energy consumption of your air purifier and balance it with the benefits it provides for your health and comfort.

Noise Level: Some air purifiers can be noisy when running continuously, which may be a concern if you need a quiet environment for work or sleep.

Peak Pollen or Pollution Times: Consider running your air purifier during peak pollen or pollution times, such as during allergy season or when outdoor pollution levels are high.


Ultimately, it’s a personal decision based on your circumstances. and the needs of you and your household members. You may want to experiment with different settings and durations to find the optimal balance between air quality, energy consumption, and comfort in your home or workspace.

At JN Electrical, we can provide expert advice on your home’s indoor air quality. We can steer you towards an air filtration system, UV air purifier, or other air purification system that’s right for your home. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our unique dedication to excellent customer service, we’re the pros to call.

Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc and you’ll “Feel the Difference”! 

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