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Explaining Those Spooky Furnace Sounds Furnace

Close up shot of a furnace during use.

Halloween is almost upon us, but it isn’t just trick-or-treaters that go bump in the night. If your furnace sounds like it’s being haunted, there could be an underlying problem that’s causing those spooky sounds.

Your furnace in Hartwell, GA may need maintenance or repair depending on what sound it’s making. This post will help you determine what the problem is, or if it’s something that needs to be diagnosed by a repair technician.

Noisy Rattling

Rattling sounds could indicate that something is banging around when it shouldn’t be. This could be loose bolts from an area such as the access hatch or loosening bolts in another area. If you can quickly go around and tighten the bolts on any visible areas of your furnace, this may solve the issue.

If not, it could be something deeper such as a large crack in your heat exchanger, the burner, or your motor’s fan belt. Cracks are harder to locate and require a technician to diagnose. Depending on where the crack is, your furnace could leak carbon monoxide into your home, so it’s best to get this checked out as soon as possible.

Loud Chirping Sound

Sometimes you hear a chirping sound when you turn your furnace on during winter. The furnace is heating up and expanding various metal components, resulting in a light, quick chirping sound. This goes away after a few minutes of your furnace being on.

If the chirping sound happens outside of the cold season, it’s extremely loud, or it doesn’t go away after a short duration, it’s a cause for concern. This sound normally happens from metal grinding against metal. The mounting plate for your blower could be touching the blower wheel, or your blower motor could be out of alignment. It’s difficult to diagnose from a sound alone, which is why you should call a technician if you experience this.

Squealing or Screeching

If your furnace is making a very light squealing sound, it could simply be an airflow issue. Try replacing the air filter to see if it goes away. If not, the issue could be mechanical.

Your blower uses motor bearings to operate smoothly. Screeching and squealing could indicate that these bearings are starting to give out, or at the very least need to be lubricated if you haven’t had furnace maintenance in a while.

Constant Clicking

Clicking on its own isn’t the worst sound that your furnace can make. It could simply be the sound of air pressure changing in your vents as hot air flows through.

Persistent clicking sounds could indicate that the heat exchanger is cracked or damaged. This is another entry point for carbon monoxide to leak into your home. If clicking persists after you turn your furnace on, contact a repair technician immediately.

Stop the Sinister Sounds From Your Furnace

Your furnace is supposed to operate quietly. Once it’s noticeable, there’s likely already a problem that needs attention. Whether you’re able to diagnose the issue yourself or not, our trained technicians are ready to help with 24/7 emergency service available. You don’t have to be uncertain about your furnace sounds anymore.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection or repair for your furnace as soon as possible.

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