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Don’t Delay When You Think You Need Furnace Repair! Here’s Why…


The furnace in a home isn’t as attractive as a warm crackling fireplace during the winter nights—but it’s critical for your family getting through the winter season in comfort. You need to pay close attention to anything that might be wrong with your furnace and act quickly to have it fixed. You may even need to call for emergency furnace repair in Franklin County from our technicians. We’re proud to offer 24-hour furnace service for our club members.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need to rush for those repairs if the furnace problem doesn’t seem that bad. We’re here to change your mind. Prompt furnace repairs are extremely important because the consequences can be … we’ll, let’s get into the details.

Consequences of Delaying Repairs for Your Furnace

Increased Energy Bills

Any heating or cooling system that has malfunctions, even ones that aren’t outwardly affecting the system’s comfort performance, will place greater strain on its components. That means a large drain of energy and higher bills.

With a malfunctioning furnace, problems like overtaxed motors, dirty on the burners, and rapid cycling will all cause a steep drop in efficiency that will show up on your utility bills throughout the winter—if the furnace actually makes it through the whole winter.

Higher Chance of a Breakdown

When a furnace has a problem, it’s sending a clear message: I’m heading toward worse problems! It’s like driving your car with a warning light about low tire pressure. Sure, you may get to your destination, but with something wrong with the tire, the chance is less. Eventually, the car won’t be moving anywhere. Think of your furnace that same way: get it repaired before it fails completely. (And remember, the Law of HVAC states that a heating system will fail at a time when you need its warmth the most.)

Safety Concerns

We saved the most important for last: a malfunction in a furnace jeopardizes its safe operation. When you maintain your furnace and have any problems dealt with immediately, there’s little chance that it will create safety hazards during its service life. You should never run a furnace with an obvious malfunction because of the risk of uncontrolled combustion and toxic gas exposure. 

Maintenance Can Prevent Most of These Troubles

This is an important reminder to all our customers and future customers—your best tool against furnace malfunctions is to prevent them in the first place through regular professional maintenance. You can jump ahead of the majority of problems your furnace may face when you schedule a visit from our HVAC technicians to inspect and tune-up your heating system before the worst of the winter weather arrives. That means there’s still time! 

We offer several different tiers in our maintenance plan. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll have priority customer status when it comes to solving your furnace problems as well as after-hours service. The best benefits of all are that your well-maintained furnace will run into far fewer repair issues, have a longer service life, run at higher capacity and higher efficiency, and work at its safest.

Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc and you’ll “Feel the Difference”! 

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