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Check Your Smoke and CO Detectors To Keep Yourself Safe


There are plenty of ways that we keep ourselves safe from harm in our daily lives. We wear seatbelts in our cars, we wear helmets when riding bikes, and we wash our hands after going to the bathroom. Safety takes on a lot of forms and, in some cases, it appears as a simple disc attached to the ceiling in your home.

That’s right, we are talking about your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These often-forgotten parts of your home serve a big purpose: keeping everyone inside safe from harmful toxins!

When was the last time you checked to see how reliable your smoke or CO detectors were? If you aren’t sure, we’d say now is a good time to look things over with an electrician in Stephens County, GA.

Why and When to Check on Detectors

If you haven’t been doing this already it is time to get in the habit of checking your smoke detector and your carbon monoxide (CO) detector. Checking on them regularly can prevent a potentially dangerous situation in the future.

It is advisable to test your smoke or CO detector at least once a month. You can do this by pressing the test button on the device to make sure it responds.

If you have recently moved into a new home or apartment however it is advisable to have an electrician check the detectors for you. They can go beyond just pressing a button to make sure that every aspect of your system works properly from the alarm itself to the sensors to the wires connecting it to its power source.

Why You Should Have Both Types of Detector In Your Home

Some people may feel like having both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide (CO) detector in their homes is overkill. We would strongly suggest the opposite. Both of these serve a highly important purpose in detecting different types of toxins in the air in your home. While their purposes may seem similar they are both necessary for optimal safety in case of fires or gas leaks 

Hard-Wired or Battery-Powered?

If you are looking at upgrading your smoke or CO detector you may be wondering whether it’s better to get it hardwired into your electrical system or stick with a battery-powered option. We would say yes to both. Many modern smoke and CO detectors have the ability to use battery power but can also be hardwired in case they need backup power should the batteries fail. This gives you better peace of mind throughout the year and a better level of protection.

Our team here at JN Electrical Temperature Control wants you to enjoy a home that is not only comfortable but also safe this is why we offer comprehensive electrical services alongside our HVAC services. We believe it is our job to make sure that your systems are both functioning properly and functioning safely. From systems as big as a furnace heater to something as seemingly small as a smoke detector, our technicians are the experts you can turn to to keep everything running properly.

Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc today to learn more. Feel The Difference!

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