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7 Signs That Your House Needs Rewiring Work


Your home’s electrical system is the champion of your home. It keeps you comfortable and runs everything in your home, but it might be in trouble.

Houses need to be rewired from time to time, but it’s difficult to know if you need electrical rewiring in Hart County or not. Thankfully there are a few ways to tell.

Let’s help you find out with these 7 signs that your house is struggling and in dire need of rewiring. If any of these list items jump out at you, be sure to take them seriously.

1. Your Lights Flicker Often

When your light is too bright, it means there’s too much voltage running to it. When it’s dim, there’s not enough. It seems like you just need to replace the bulb, but in fact, it’s the result of loose wiring or issues with your circuits.

2. Outdated Wiring

Rewiring should happen every 25-40 years. If your wiring is more than 40 years old, it can suffer degradation and lose its viability. This needs to be fixed to comply with electrical safety standards as they change over time.

3. Touching a Cord Shocks You

You should never, ever receive an electrical shock from touching a cord that’s plugged in. This is a serious cause for concern and requires an electrician to inspect the problem as soon as possible.

4. Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out

Your light bulbs take energy in and output light. When your light bulbs keep burning out faster than they’re supposed to (we’re talking really short amounts of time, generally under one year or so), it’s a big red flag. There’s too much voltage going to your light bulbs causing them to deteriorate at a rapid pace.

5. Outlets Keep Sparking

When you plug something into an outlet (provided that the device is off and there’s nothing wrong with it), there should be no spark. Plugging in a device and hearing a crackling sound from the outlet or seeing scorch marks on the outlet cover are never good signs.

6. Unidentified Burning Smell

If you have an electrical short, something happens in your switches that may cause a faint burning smell. But the problem we want to find is when there’s no apparent source. It could be wiring in your walls melting or burning, which could be the start of serious electrical fire hazards.

7. Fuses Keep Blowing Out

Older fuse boxes simply aren’t meant to keep up with the electrical demand of a modern household. If your home hasn’t been rewired in a long time, your electricity draw may be causing a major problem. You don’t want to keep replacing fuses. The reality is that if you still have a fuse box, you may want to upgrade to an electrical panel and look into rewiring.

It’s Time to Rewire

If any of these signs jump out to you, it’s time to inspect the problem and possibly rewire your home. It’s difficult to diagnose from just reading a blog post, which is why we urge you to schedule an appointment to have our electricians see the problem for themselves.

Contact JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc. to rewire your home and Feel The Difference.

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