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How It Works

How It Works

Quality and simplicity are key. The EarthLinked Renewable Energy System "harvests" the constant energy directly stored in the Earth by the sun. The system moves heat using a closed loop of environmentally friendly refrigerant. The true effectiveness of the energy transfer comes from our unique use of copper as an uninterrupted path to the heat source, resulting in a system 400x more effective than that of plastic or other materials. There are two major components of an EarthLinked System.

Why It's Better

Earth Loop System

Earth loops play a primary role in the functionality of a geothermal heating and cooling pump that operates on a geo-exchange system. EarthLinked's copper earth loops act like the arteries in a human body which allows the system to effortlessly move heat from where it is not needed to where it can be used or stored in the most efficient manner. The same environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant used in nearly all conventional comfort systems is sent through the earth loops which allows the system to directly exchange thermal energy with the earth in a continuous circuit with the smallest footprint on the market. We don't transfer to a water or glycol solution like other geothermal systems which allows us higher installation and operational efficiencies, smaller and more versatile loop footprints with fewer system components than water based systems.

EarthLinked offers nine different earth loop system configurations in horizontal, vertical and diagonal installation, options that allow for the greatest flexibility to meet the challenges of nearly any installation.

Heat Pump

While the earth loop system acts like arteries in the human body, the heat pump is the heart. This component moves the refrigerant through the earth loops and through your home's heating and cooling distribution system. EarthLinked has developed this innovative, patented technique to better control the flow of the refrigerant without the need for complicated controlling devices. Because the EarthLinked system does not have a water-circulating pump, intermediate heat exchanger or thermostatic valve like other geothermal products, there are fewer components in the systems design, which makes it much more reliable, mechanically simple and far more efficient.


The EarthLinked Renewable Energy System achieves fully rated heating and cooling capacity in your home all year round. In addition to being ETL safety listed and qualified under the EPA Energy Star® program standards, the EarthLinked system is rated according to AHRI (the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) Standard for Direct GeoExchange Heat Pumps.

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