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Low Water Use Toilets

Low Water Use Toilets
The toilet is the biggest household water bandit; the average toilet uses 4 to 7 gallons per flush! Low volume toilets, which can easily replace your old inefficient toilet, will save over five gallons per use. If you cannot replace your toilet just yet, you should at least verify that it is working properly. You can easily check it for leaks by placing a drop of food coloring in the tank. If color shows up in the bowl without flushing, the toilet has a leak.
Residential • Outdoor • Heat Pumps • Heritage® 18 Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump
1. Two-row Spine Fin™ coil provides very low airflow resistance for more efficient heat transfer capabilities.
2. Variable speed fan motor operates very quietly so noise levels are kept at a minimum. And, it conserves energy for lower cost operation.
3. Steel louvered panels
4. Baked-on paint coating
5. Durabase™ basepan
6. Easy-Sess™ service access panels
7. Dual Duration™ compressors provide two-stage cooling for the ultimate comfort experience.
8. SermaGuard rust resistant screws
9. Electronic demand defrost eliminates unnecessary defrost cycles for energy savings and longer compressor life.
10. Compressor sound insulators
11. Energy Star® qualified. With a SEER of 18.90, the Heritage® 18 well exceeds the minimum efficiency level of 13.00 SEER designated by the EPA for Energy Star® recognition.
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